People will say that weight lifting for women is a waste of time. The female body is much different than that of a man. Men are designed to lift weight and put on muscle. This is true to an extent, but women can put on muscle and feel strong as well. Men produce higher amounts of testosterone, which allows men to grow much larger muscles than women, but women can still do weight lifting and put on a significant amount of muscle.

Tip 1: Obtain a membership at a decent gym. Many of the women out there are very insecure about their bodies and do not want to workout in public. You just need to get over it. There is only so much you can do at home when it comes to weight lifting. A gym offers hundreds of different weights, machines and expert trainers that can help you.

Tip 2: The more muscles you work per exercise, the greater your chances of having success. A lot of weight lifting exercises are mainly small muscle groups. You need to do exercises that work a vast range of muscle groups. This would include squats, bench press, deadlifts and bent over rows.

Tip 3: Often shorter workouts are better than longer. When at the gym, aim for a target time of under 60 minutes. Ideally you’d want to be in the 30-45 minute range, but sometimes other equipment is in use and you have to wait. Aim to keep it under and hour and your chances of success will improve.

Tip 4: Come up with a workout plan and follow it. Having a consistent routine will increase your chances of success. When it comes to weight lifting, what you do one day, good or bad, will have an effect if you follow a routine, every week, for months on end.

With these tips, weight lifting for women becomes a much easier task and one that is more fulfilling. Remember that results aren’t instant, and you won’t see the effects of your workouts for months down the road.

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