Are you a body builder but can’t gain muscle? Have you been training hard but not seeing much in the way of physical results? Well there could be many reasons that this is the case. However, in this short article today we are going to take a look at just one of the causes and what you can do to change it.

One of the most common causes of this problem in bodybuilders is due to the hormone known as corisol. Cortisal is created by stress and is often referred to as a stress hormone because we produce more of it when we feel stressed out.

It doesn’t matter what kind of stress you’re having , but an excessive amount of stress at work , home or at the gym can all create an over abunduance of this hormone. Because bodybuilders tend to put an excessive amount of stress on their bodies, the cortisol in their bodies is often excessive as well.

Cortisol is essentially an enemy to your muscles. It feeds on your muscle tissue and decreases the density in your bones. It has also been shown to increase the fat around the mid section. The reason it feeds on the muscle is due to the hight percentage of proteing found there. You may be thinking while reading this that cortisol is just a horrible hormone much like a disease. But this is not the case either.

Cortisol does have its good points and in fact there is a reason that your body develops it. The body is simply responding the the added stress and trying to preserve itself. It wants to ensure survival, so it slows down the metabolism by burning up the muscle, and storing fat that can be used as a source of energy in case of emergency.

Although the body means well and is concerned with preservation, it can be a pain to get around this automatic response of cortisol production when it becomes an obstacle to our goals..

So what is the solution to lower the levels of cortisol when the body is feeling excessive stress? Here are a few answers:

• Make Sleep a Top Priority – Not enough sleep can sky rocket your cortisol levels. Especially when you’re training hard, your body needs extra sleep in order to rebuild that muscle tissue properly.

• Practice stress-free activities- Activites such as yoga and meditation can significantly lower cortisol levels.. Learn to meditate to reduce everyday stress. Also remember to take some time off from your training every now and then to allow your body to recuperate.

• Regulate your training – Don’t do too much training! This can be difficult to do for many athletes and bodybuilders.But it is especially important to remember in bodybuilding. Too much training can cause injury, burnout and a complete breakdown of your system. It’s not worth it!

So in conlusion, regulating your stress levels, making an effort to participate in activies that are relieve stress, and refraining from too much training will allow cortisol levels to drop. This will accomplish what you set out to as a body builder. To increase your muscle. So , instead of overtraining and not getting resuls, try to take a a rest and see yoru muscles grow.

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