I have see a lot of people who train 2 hours and even more hours per day and not make any gains in muscle size and strength.They actually lost size and strength. It is better to stick to 45-60 minute workouts for optimum results or it will result in overtraining and loss of muscle tissue. After about 60 minutes of training your testosterone  and growth hormone in your body begins to drop.

Shorter workouts of 45 minutes results in better gains in size and strength.I actually feel that testosterone and growth hormone levels begins to drop off at 45 minutes already and reaches a peak at 60 minutes whereafter you are just wasting your time and any further effort will be detrimental to your results.

Therefore try to do short intense workouts,resting no longer than 45-60 seconds after each set,taking each set to failure.I must tell you i have personally found that even doing 4-5 60 minute workouts per week already overexhausts my body and raises cortisol levels which leaves me tired and without energy.Coupled with a 9-5 job this causes extra stress and can even lead to infection,colds and flu.Raising cortisol levels in your body can also make you feel stressed out.You may also struggle to handle the stresses of normal everyday life like financial stress,work related stress or relationship stress.

I have a sample workout routine which you can follow which is easy to fit into a 45 minute workout.

Day 1:Chest,Shoulders and Triceps


1.Barbell Bench Press:pyramid the weight-set 1×12 reps,set2x10 reps,set3x8reps,set4x6reps and set # reps.

2.Flat Bench Dumbbell flyes:4 sets of 12 reps using same weight that you can do 12 reps with.

3.Incline Dumbbell Press:3-4 sets using same weight.


1.Standing Military Press:pyramid the weight-set 1×12 reps,set2x10reps,set3x8reps,set4x6reps,set5x12-15 reps.

2.Dumbbell Lateral Raise:4sets using same weight.

3.Seated Shoulder press machine:3-4 sets using same weight.


1.Lying Tricep Extensions:pyramid the weight as before on chest and shoulders.

2.Cable Pushdowns:4sets using same weight.

3.Close grip push ups:3-4 sets using same weight.

Remember to rest only 45-60 seconds between sets and to do all your sets to failure.

Day 2:Legs,Calves and Abs


1.Squats:pyramid the weight as shown before.

2.Romanian Deadlifts:pyramid the weight.

3.Standing Calf Raises:pyramid the weight.

4.Seated Calf Raises:using same weight with which you can only do 12 reps to failure.


1.Hanging Leg Raises:4 sets to failure.

2.Ab wheel:4 sets to failure.

Day 3:Back,Biceps and Forearms.


1.Chin Ups:4-5 sets to failure.

2.Bent Over Rowing:pyramid the weight as before.

3.Seated Cable Rowing:4sets same weight.


1.Straight Barbell Curls:pyramid the weight.

2.Seated Incline Dumbbell Curls.


1.Reverse Barbell Curls:4sets same weight.

2.Wrist Curls:4sets same weight.

You can also substitute 2 extra biceps exercises in the place of forearms as your forearms are worked thoroughly when you do Biceps.


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