Squatting is arguably the best all-round strength and mass exercises you can perform. Not only will it develop the muscles of the legs, hips and lower back to a high degree, but squatting also causes a release of hormones, causing your entire body to grow. Your legs may be moving the weight, but virtually every muscle in your body is working in some way to stabilize the weight. In essence, squats create an environment that promotes full body, not just isolated, growth.

To perform the squat, take a medium stance with your toes pointed slightly outward. Place your hands on the bar at approximately shoulder width, get underneath the bar, take a deep breath and expand the chest and stand up with the bar. Take small steps backwards until you reach the place that you wish to squat. Your head should be looking straight ahead with your eyes fixed on a point directly in front of you and slightly up.

Begin by sitting back, keeping your upper body as upright as you comfortably can, and keep your knees over, but not beyond your toes. Descend into a full squat, staying tight and controlling the weight all the way down without bouncing at the bottom. Then stand up strongly, pushing against the weight and exhaling as you rise. Keep your abdominal muscles and lower back tight and contracted throughout the movement.

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