Gaining muscle mass is hard enough for most men. For us skinny guys it is even more difficult. If you have been wanting to learn how to gain muscle mass, then this article is for you. Below you will find out the best ways to gain muscle mass quickly.

The best way forward is of course to undertake exercise. While exercise is good for you, the way that you exercise will determine how much muscle mass you gain. Follow the following key rules and you will be well on your way to gaining muscle mass

10 Repetitions Max

While it may seem more productive to do a lot of repetitions when you first start working out with weights. This will actually be counterproductive. Your best bet is to limit repetitions to 10. When you feel that this is becoming too easy and is not challenging you, it is time to up the weights.

Always Use Heavy Weights

Light weights are good for building your stamina, but heavy weights will help you to build the muscle mass that you are after. Doing less reps of a heavier weight is the key to success with building muscle mass.

Work Out Quickly

Working out more quickly actually helps you to build more muscle. Having smaller rests and doing less but heavier weights is paramount. So limit the amount of time that you spend working out. Go on the philosophy that quality is better than quantity any time!

Do One Exercise Per Muscle Group

This often confuses a lot of people as to why you would only do one exercise per muscle group. However, bear with us, there is method in the madness. The aim of doing one exercise is to push a very heavy weight, close to maximum capacity, and encourage your muscle fibers to grow. If you try doing too many different exercises you will tire your muscles out completely.

Use A Proper Muscle Building Diet

It’s not just about the exercise, diet is important too. Eat lots of protein and leafy greens, Protein is good for you and is harder for your body to break down. It can also be turned into muscle. While some carbohydrates are good, try not to go over the top as they can slow down your metabolism and make you feel lethargic and low on energy.

Track Your Progress Each Week

If you don’t know how you are progressing how are you going to improve? A good starting point is to try and increase your muscle mass by five percent every two weeks. This slow and steady process will ensure you don’t injure yourself, and will also have you reaching your goals in no time.

After reading the above you now know how to gain muscle mass. Start by doing shorter repetitions of heavier weights and limiting your work out time. In addition, make sure you watch your diet and increase your protein intake. Finally, you must also track your progress. You need to know how you are improving, and how quickly you are reaching your goals. Here’s to your success.

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