When I was young I rarely got out. When I wasn’t watching TBS sitcoms or going to school I just did not know what to do with myself.This all changed when I was introduced to weight lifting by my father. He had bought two 30 pound dumb bells. He taught me how to lift the weights and bring them down. I still have these weights and I still use them.Now I’ve moved up to bigger and better muscle building regiments.I would like to recommend some of these to all those beginners and pros alike that may be of assistance.

Compound exercises: Compound exercises are extremely vital to the building of muscle, and much more effective then isolating one or two muscle groups. In fact I didn’t make noticeable gains from simply doing dumb bell curls.I saw better results from my push ups, pull ups and squats. Squats are actually the most important compound exercise you could think of.When you work them out your body secretes much more growth hormones, and testosterone, compared to your arms. More testosterone means quicker recovery, and your muscles shall grow bigger.

Nutrition: I see protein as the most obvious way and yet the most overlooked necessity in giving your body everything it needs to build mass. Nutrition is 90% of body building.Without ample amounts of protein, you won’t be seeing as considerable gains as you would if you drank 2 protein shakes a day on top of having three or four meals. Water is also extremely necessary. Your muscles are mostly made of water. Drink at least one gallon a day.It may sound like too much but break it down throughout the day.You will find that while your working out you will drink a lot more.

Work-out Aids- I have something called work out aids. I use these because I personally believe they give me a leg up when I begin my work outs. Some people probably have some kind of work out aid(s). For me I like to use creatine and caffeine. Creatine is a naturally produced byproduct of the body.It helps by increasing the retention of water in the muscles, which synthesizes protein and prevents it from breaking down.Also creatine is believed to help repair muscles faster. Caffeine is actually something that I never used to use. I discovered its positive effects when I studied.I applied it to my work out and I found myself working harder, and with more force.

* Conclusion: In order to make great strides in developing your self into a formidable and physical fit powerhouse you will need to have dedications and be willing to do a little hard work.But the great news is that if you are motivated you wills see incredible and I mean INCREDIBLE improvement not just in the gym but outside too. Of course one type of work out regiment will not fit everyone’s needs and wants. But the above mentioned suggestions have helped me tremendously, and I hope they can help you.I wish you the best of luck and success in the end, and remember you can do it!


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