Nowadays A LOT of guys (and even girls too) are going crazy trying to get a well-muscled body. I mean common, don’t you want to be the kind of guy, when you take off your shirt at the beach, the girls practically drool over you? Well I’m here to tell you that getting a body that Bruce Lee himself (Bless His Soul) would have been proud of, is very, very, possible and I’m gonna show you how to do it.

First of all building muscle fast really isn’t all that difficult, but it does require you to have a laid-down bodybuilding plan, I mean, you don’t just decide today that you want to get a buff body, then rush into the gym tomorrow and start lifting Every single dumbell, you can lay your hands on, try that method, and not only will you be wasting your time, you might also give yourself some serious injury.

So what am I talking about, when I say having a bodybuilding plan (sort of a battle strategy) in hand before you get started in bodybuilding. Well, would you dream of going on a vacation with no idea where you are going, or how you are going to get there, lets say you meet someone at the airport and he asks you where you are going, and you respond with . . . huh? Same thing with building muscle, see, you’ve gotta decide which parts of your body, and what kind of muscle building workout techniques you are going to focus on. Are you mainly interested in upper-body strength? Is physical attractiveness going to be the sole purpose of your workouts, or are you a fitness buff, so becoming physical fit (and I’m talking “Extreme Fitness”) is also one of your goals.

Good, now that you’ve decided on the reason you want to get started on bodybuilding, you need to ask yourself, or search online for the exact kind of workouts that are specifically designed for that particular goal you have in mind, as an example, lets say building an Arnold Schwarzenegger-Like Chest and Arms is your main goal, and instead of focusing on Bench-Pressing Obssessivelly, you take up jogging! I’m being flip, but you get the point.

Now if your main aim is to get the kind of arms and shoulders that would make Dolph Lundgren proud, I’m going to share a few pointers with you.

Tip 1) – Over Lift (aka Lifting Heavy) – One of the most important things, you’ve got to remember is to apply an overloading stimulus to your muscles, without doing this, your body will have no reason to convert all that extra calories into pure muscle, and you might end-up gaining a whole lot of body fat, which if I’m correct is most certainly NOT what you’re interested in getting.

Tip 2) – This might sound strange but EAT MORE – One of the most common mistakes newbies to bodybuilding make when they enter a bulking period is, the minute they can no longer see their abs, they swear themselves off food, out of fear that they are “getting fat”, and they end-up impeding their muscle gain progress.

Tip 3) – Take in WAY More t Than You Currently Do – Forget about what the weight loss junkies say, eat as much calorie-rich foods as you can, of course I’m NOT telling you to go and overload on fat-rich foods, but try eating foods that while STILL healthy are a bit more packed with calories than the ones you are normally used to.

Tip 4) – Rest! – All stress, and No rest gets your Muscles Burnt-out – Almost as important as working out obsessively is resting your muscles after EACH workout session. Remember that Bodybuilding progress actually comes when you are resting, by resting, you give your muscles the opportunity to come back into the next workout stronger.

Well then guys (and girls too) there you have it, a quick tip list to help give you the body of your dreams, now don’t get me wrong, there is FAR more to building muscles than I could cover in this short article, but I’ve given you the basic tips you need to get started.

If you want to learn more bodybuilding tips and tricks, well there are NUMEROUS articles right here on Associated Content to help you, just do a quick search around AC for any particular Bodybuilding Topic you are interested in, and you’ll see Lots of useful articles to help you. Finally, Don’t wait, and don’t give any excuses, get started RIGHT NOW on building that movie-star body.

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