If you have a skinny body type and have tried to add some muscle to your small frame you may have come across the same problems many slim people (guys and girls) suffer trying to gain weight and muscle in that it seems very hard to impossible to do! Building muscle for skinny body type does not have to be this way but typically you will be classed as a “hard gainer” and understanding the cause of this is vital to your future attempts to fast gain muscle mass.

How to gain weight and muscle is very difficult for skinny bodies because on one primary problem:


Metabolism is the process within our bodies that breaks down food into energy and then uses that energy for immediate action or to be stored in fat cells or it can also be used to repair and grow muscles, anything that does not do this is wasted in heat, excrement and other things.

The reason this is important to skinny people (also known as ectomorphs) is that your metabolism is very high which means that you process your food so fast that the energy is expended too quickly and hardly anything is left for fat cells keeping you slim but also nothing much is left for repairing and building muscles. So what is the trick on how to gain weight quickly if you have a high metabolism? There are a few things you can do to give yourself a fighting chance at bulking up:

* Eat More – Sounds simple doesn’t it? The more food you eat the more energy you can get to gain weight and muscle. There is a lot more to it that than though, when you eat, exactly what you eat and even How you eat can make a difference in how your metabolism and body reacts for maximum muscle mass.

* Lift heavier weights – Ectomorphs do not benefit from lots of repetitions at mediums or light weights, this does not challenge your muscles at all. How to gain weight and mass means you need shorter sets of heavy weights to push your limits. Do not overdo the weight but you must push the envelope every time because that is what the body reacts to for increasing MASS. Other body types can get benefits from a variety of exercise types but if you want more muscles this is the way to go.

* Do not overdo it – Do not hit the gym every day, every second day might even be too much some experts say. Rest is a VITAL part of building muscle for skinny types! To actually repair your muscles (which in turn means muscle growth) you need to rest the body to allow it to do this work, if you start lifting again too soon you do not get the benefits of the previous workout you just start the process again from the beginning.

For more exact details on how to pack on muscles including diet, meal plans, exercises and tips you will not find in ANY magazine from a skinny guy that has been there, done that click below to find out more.


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