Push ups are one of the easiest and most common exercises that build muscle without weights. The only weight that you are going to lift in this type of exercise is your own body weight; and this is very versatile since you can do it practically almost everywhere as long as there is ample space enough for your whole body to get on the floor.

The good thing about push ups is that it is a compound exercise where numerous muscles are formed with just this single workout; it can develop shoulder muscles, biceps, chest, and back muscles. Another benefit is that you can also make a lot of variations on its position; each variation target different muscle groups.

For example, the positioning of your palms when you do the push ups can already make a lot of difference on the muscle groups that are being formed. Aside from the palms, your whole arm position can also be modified, such as sideways or parallel to your body, and each position develops various muscle groups. Hence, push ups is one of the best ways for you to build muscle without weights.

Another technique is the bench press exercise. No more need for expensive gym equipment in order to build some rock-hard muscles since bench press exercise offers an excellent way for you to build those muscles that you want to form by simply using two stable chairs. Stay in the middle of both chairs and use both of your arms to support your whole body on both chairs. Lift your legs and position them is such a way that they are parallel to the ground.

You can either stay in that position for several minutes, with your both arms supporting your entire body, or you can also start lifting your body up and down to fastrack muscle development. Just like push ups, you can also make variations using different arm position to target formation of another muscle group.

There are still many other ways to build muscle without weights; the aforesaid techniques are highly effective and very easy to do where you can use them regularly when doing your workouts.

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