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Muscles, Memories and Me

Wow! Muscles. I actually remember when I had a few of those remarkable body parts that not only allow you to pick up the “babes” at the beach but you can throw a shovel full of snow more than once in an hour during the dull winter months. Remembering muscles is definitely a far cry from using muscles, but it is something that all of us faces during our lives.

Started with a few body parts not being formed exactly “right” when I was an exuberant youth. Sore knees and a definite desire to not fall came courtesy of a little thing called “Osgood Slaughters Disease”. For those not in the know about this, it is a very common problem in children. Especially in active children. It is caused by the rapid bone growth of adolescence being pulled out of whack by the forceful pull of the tendons. This problem generally is alleviated by rest from the action that causes the tendon stress. Naturally I did not know that at the tender age of 11 so away I went, climbing, throwing and all the fun things of childhood. I paid with big lumps on the knees that were always painful. Thus needed a remedy for the hurt.

Ah, yes. Muscles. Did you know that by strengthening a portion of the body then you can overcome the pain felt in that area. What a novel idea. So gain muscle I did and with the gain was able to climb the many many granite cliffs and outcroppings of the Sierra Nevada Mountains. What fun, just had to remember never to fall on those knees or suffer the consequences.

Next to the shoulders. A slight miscalculation of the alignment of shoulder and chest bones allowed for creaky joints. And naturally the creaky joints came with their very own signature pain. Remedy when I was in high school was a “crossing guard” web device that kept my arms from full rotation or extension. Worked great until I had to display them in the gym during P.E. So back to the muscle solution. Build up the biceps, triceps and various chest muscles and the pain was kept at a minimum. Could not pick up ten pounds from the floor and keep it extended but darn sure could curl a bunch of iron! And bench press? You betcha. Got to the point of bench pressing my body weight and more.

So, you ask, is there a point to this story. Right on there is. Muscles are extremely important to emotional as well as physical health. If you do not have strength then you are not only incapable of performing daily tasks but you are faced with the impossibility of performing GREAT tasks. Simple things as taking the lawn mower seem insurmountable if you cannot lift the machine into the bed or your pickup. Ever try stacking cords and cords of fire wood without biceps and triceps? Want to get married and carry your loved one over the threshold (yes I am a romantic!). For all of this you need strength (even if she is a tiny thing of 100 lbs!) and for strength you need muscle.

Muscle is available to all of us. The fibrous makeup of the muscle is designed to promote growth through use. Meaning? If you work the muscle and take care of it then it will grow. Then or course you have more muscle to work and thus you have more growth to expect and thus you have more muscle to grow –starting to get this picture. Simplest method of work would be weight training exercises. Simply put you need to determine which muscle you wish to grow and search out the exercises needed to promote this growth.

Naturally, if you are working a muscle you will need to eventually feed it. PROPERLY feed it. Meaning you need to choose a proper diet consisting of the fat, carbohydrate and protein triangle. If you can determine which exercise you need to do then you are surely capable of establishing and maintaining a diet regimen to go with that exercise.

Now we have worked a muscle and we have fed it so what is left? Rest! Proper care is essential for muscle growth. The fibers you have stressed via exercise and fed via proper nutrition now need to recuperate while they are growing in size. Rest is not defined as just sitting in a recliner watching t.v. but need to be a complete and rejuvenating sleep cycle. And if you are properly worked and fed then a good nights sleep should be an easy thing to come by.

With all of this we learn that in order to feel and look good you need to work, feed and rest your frail old body. Whoa, you say? Takes a lot of time to figure all of this stuff out. Time on the computer to research just what is needed in each step and time in the grocery store choosing the foods you need. And don’t forget time to buy that special mattress with all the bells and whistles necessary for that restful sleep. There has to be an easier way, right? Of course!

Rather than spend the hours researching that could be put to good use in the gym just do a few searches on the internet. Let your fingers do the walking while looking for a trainer that will lead you through all the necessary muscle building growth. Through a bit of trial and error you can narrow your search to the top three or four courses available. Then just a bit more time will get you to the guy (or gal) and the program that will benefit you.

Whether online training or personal training in the gym you need to separate truth from fiction. Look for the one where the information is actually used by the author. Looking for memberships in the Better Business Bureau and verifiable activities in related areas will give you the one you need.

What not to do? Do not under any circumstances DO NOT fail to act. Lay down that t.v. remote and get off the recliner. Get up and make a decision. Would you rather be weak and in pain or get on with your life in style! Last time back to basics. Exercise works the muscle. Worked muscle need food. Feed muscle that you have worked. Get the rest to let the worked and fed muscle grow and VOILA! you have gained muscle mass!


How to Lose 30 Pounds Fast

Losing 30 pounds fast is not impossible, but you need some perspective. For instance, Michael Jackson lost 5 pounds every time he performed a full set. Bodybuilders routinely lose 10 pounds between the beginning of a competition and its end. What is the commonality? Exercise and muscle composition of the body. To lose 30 pounds fast, you must gain muscle and exercise with fervor. Here’s how to lose 30 pounds fast.

The first step to lose 30 pounds fast is absolutely the commitment to do so. If you’ve never taken on a goal like this before, it doesn’t hurt to get some help. A personal trainer is well worth the money; you’ll be paid back in self-confidence and self-respect once you achieve your goals. Or simply getting into a gym can give you this commitment. Being around other people inspires you; it’s scientifically proven.

After you call friends and get encouragement, the second step to lose 30 pounds fast is to reduce your calorie intake, simple as that. You have to mark your intake for your lifestyle. If your lifestyle is sedentary, then you do not need all those calories you are consuming. You must change your eating from dog eating to cat eating. If you fill a dog bowl, the legend goes, the dog will keep eating until it dies from overeating. Cats, however, will not do this. To lose 30 pounds fast, it requires a complete change in your eating lifestyle. If you love foods, substitute natural sweet things for manufactured ones. Beets, oranges, apples, tea with honey, and even coffee make great snacks and have positive effects. Absolutely no trans fats.

After you commit to a diet, the third step to lose 30 pounds fast is to commit to an exercise routine. My entire family is skinny, by work, not by genetics, and they all use different methods. My uncle bike rides because he loves it. My aunts go to a gym. They are single, so there are men there as well. My cousin plays pickup basketball and football. The commonality is that they love the exercise because it coincides with their life. You can begin making exercise a part of your life by simply taking the stairs instead of the elevator or escalator, opening the door instead of using the automatic, and standing when you are doing things like typing or paying bills. You wouldn’t believe the amount of calories you’ll burn.

The last step to lose 30 pounds fast is to get into a real routine. Exercise should become a part of your life at least an hour a day, besides all the things you do in step 3. That’s not dedicated exercise; that’s just there to help you continue to burn calories throughout the day and speed up your metabolism. Keep it up, and you should see results in 30-60 days, depending on your dedication. Good luck!

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The best thing to do in order to gain weight and build muscles is to eat much food as possible. This may be true, but one thing that you need to keep in mind is that you have to eat right by choosing the appropriate foods for muscle building and gaining weight. So the answer to your question of how to gain weight and muscle is to eat these three types of foods – proteins, carbohydrates and fats.

Protein-rich Foods

Remember that protein is very important in your diet if you are trying to build muscles, so make sure that you include protein rich foods in your daily diet. Proteins are the building blocks of muscles, and therefore, you cannot expect to gain muscles if you are not eating any proteins at all. Examples of high protein foods are meat, poultry, fish, eggs, dairy products, beans and nuts, lentils, seeds and grains like wheat, rice, barley and corn, and soy products.

Carbohydrate Enriched Foods

As you probably knew, carbohydrates help in providing energy in the body which will give us enough strength to do our workouts regularly so as to develop your muscles and gain more weight. In fact, medical experts would highly recommend having about 60 percent of total daily calorie intake from carbohydrates. These are then converted into glucose which will be used directly to provide the energy to our body, or store them on our liver for future use.

The most common examples of foods that are rich in carbohydrates are whole grains, radish, potatoes, pasta, oranges, oatmeal, mangoes, honey and grapes. If you want to know how to gain weight and muscle, you must be able to tell which type of carbohydrate enriched foods to eat because not all of them are essential for our health because some can be harmful. Bad carbohydrates will just cause your insulin secretion to increase and thus, will result to diabetes, heart diseases and overweight, which would later lead to obesity.

Good Fats

One of the most important foods that one must include in their daily diet in order to gain weight and build muscles is good fats. But take note that it is emphasized that you must only eat good fats, and not the bad ones, and these foods should not be eaten in large quantity unlike protein and carbohydrate enriched foods. Consuming too much fat can lead to obesity, which is the number one cause of many serious diseases.

Aside from consuming protein, fats and carbohydrates, it is important that you also eat foods that are rich in calories, minerals and vitamins. In fact, you must consume more of the vitamin-enriched foods, than that of fats. And if you really want to know how to gain weight and muscle, the key is to practice a good eating habit, by eating all three meals in a day – breakfast, lunch and dinner.

Now that you know what type of foods you should include in your diet, check out a good 1 day example on mass gain diet. Good diet without proper exercise will goes in vain. See body workout for men to find out an excellent workout routine example.

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