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How To Perform Dumbell Bench Presses

The dumbell bench press is a compound exercise that primarily works the chest muscles, but also the shoulder and tricep muscles.  It is a diverse exercise that can be performed to target working the upper, middle and lower portions of the chest muscles, when the exercise bench is set to an incline, flat, or decline position respectively. 


Begin the exercise by grabbing two equally loaded dumbells and sit on the end of the exercise bench with the two dumbells resting on your upper thighs.  Lie back on to the bench somewhat quickly, push up, and catch the dumbbells with your arms.  While this does seem simple enough it does take some time to get used to it and proper form is essential for safety, especially when using heavier dumbells.  Once you have the dumbells in hand with your arms in the extended position, proceed to press the dumbells upward until your arms are slightly bent at the elbows and lower them until the point that the hand bar of each dumbbell does not go lower than the chest.  Here you can imagine that you are pressing a barbell that you could not lower below the chest as it would physically hit the chest.  In the same way you would not want to lower dumbells below this point as you would be stretching the chest muscles more than is safe.  Additionally, using lighter weight as you begin to perform the movement to get started as well as feeling how your body reacts during the movement will give you a feel for the optimum range of movement during the exercise.  During the exercise, once you have reached the downward position, just press the dumbells upward to the point once again where elbows are slightly bent and repeat for the desired number of repetitions.


The great thing about performing dumbell bench presses is that there is no way one arm can cheat and press more than the other as with barbells (unless of course you are bouncing the dumbells off your chest which is not good or safe form).  At the top of the movement, the dumbells should not touch or bounce off one another as this may reduce the exercise effectiveness or be dangerous, especially if using heavier weight.  The dumbell bench press exercise like push ups is a great exercise for building and strengthening chest muscles.



Consult a physician before beginning a resistance training program to determine your health condition suitability to perform such exercises.  Working with a physical trainer will reduce your chances of injury while performing this are any other prescribed exercise.  Plan to always use extreme caution when performing this or any other exercise movement, especially if it is a movement you are not familiar with.

Like everybody, when I first started bodybuilding I made mistakes-to be honest I made so many that it was a joke. So in this article I am going to list the one crucial that you may be making-a mistake that can be holding you back in the gym, and what to do about it.


Yep, this is one of the biggest mistakes beginning and even advanced bodybuilders make. They feel that by simply adding more and more weight to the bar-or dumbbells-they will get massive. And while it is true that getting stronger is one way to get bigger, it is also true that if you are simply adding weight to add weight you are on the fast track to injury.

For example, people always complain that they cannot seem to get the old biceps to grow, then you watch them train and you figure out why. When these lifters curl, they are using every muscle EXCEPT the biceps to lift the weight. And then the wonder why they are not seeing any increase in arm size.


If this sounds like you-do not sweat it. Swallow your ego (yes I know it is hard) and take some weight off the bar and do each rep slowly and in control. Please do not confuse this with doing super slow reps where you take thirty seconds to lift the weight and thirty seconds to lower it.


But take the time to feel the biceps working with each rep-and do not be afraid to take even more weight off the bar if you have to. Remember this is bodybuilding not power lifting. When you get up on stage or are at the beach, no one is going to care about how much weight you can lift-you will either look good or you will not.


Along with this, try doing slightly higher reps per set-like sets of twelve to fifteen reps. I say this because when people start adding massive amounts of weight to the bar they tend to drop the reps (if you want to call them that) down to doing singles, doubles and triples. So by going up in reps, this will be a new stimulus to the biceps which can lead to new gains.


I know taking weight off the bar is tough, but just remember, by using less weight you will actually be helping yourself gain. And chances are those gains will be in the form of new muscle. Not a bad trade-off if you ask me!


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Great Tips For a Bigger More Muscular Back!

Perhaps the most under exercised of all the body parts…everybody who is into weight training spends an enormous amount of time, and effort, on shoulders, arms (biceps in particular, another mistake!) BUT LITTLE EMPHASIS ON THE BACK MUSCLES.

The bad part is, this is done mostly out of ignorance, because very few people sweating it out in the gyms for hours at a stretch, and for weeks and months, are told about this.. ‘Lats’ are a crucial part of your body structure, particularly as far as body shape is concerned. If you want to look muscular and manly, which I suppose all men want to, you need to definitely concentrate on your ‘lats’ to have a bigger and more muscular back. What are known as the ‘wings’ perhaps contributes the most to masculine beauty; it makes you appear more tapered (broad shoulders and back, narrow waist) and also lends incredible solidity and strength to the body. In other words, a better, sexier you, and the type ladies would be more inclined to fall for!

So, guys, get working. Most of you keep working to get those huge chest muscles and biceps, but you must have noticed that ONLY working on these do not get you the results required. Do know that your ‘back’ actually has a far larger number and arrangement of muscles that you have, in all possibility, neglected entirely this far. Even if you have not, the following sets of exercises that we are about to describe are sure to add up immensely to your muscle volume. Try them out, and get back with the results.

The Deadlift – The ‘bestest’ trick there is! Yes, I am talking of the bent legged, basic deadlift. Choose the weight you normally use for other sets, if required slightly less, and do 3 sets each (15×3). Increase in 10 pounds each week.

This exercise builds up back muscles from neck to your toe, and thickens them as well. The fundamental back muscles exercise ALL OF YOU should be doing.

The Vertical Pulling– For your ‘lats’, and helps to get that V look. It can be any of the following – chin ups, lat pull down or v-bar pull down. I would personally recommend the ‘over hand chin up” myself, as this seems to the most effective for faster results. Some of you might just find this a little hard at the outset, but trust me, you gradually ease into it, and the results are worth it, you will have the ‘muscular backs’ people die for.

The Horizontal Pulling– Yes, the ‘rows’. These build up the upper half of your back muscles and your lats together. You can row in any number of ways; ask your gym trainer or just find out which one suits your style. My money would be on the ‘bent over barbell (or dumbbell) rows. Whatever you do, follow the free weight rowing style.

THE SHRUGGING MOVEMENT – Not as important as the other ones, but you should still do them at the end of your session; work out some ‘barbell shrugs’ to get better shape for your upper traps.

Finally, EAT WELL, AND EAT MORE. Your muscles need food to grow, and you should aim to maximize your intake of proteins and vitamins.

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