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New training systems for building muscle fast come and go. What makes a good system is obviously if it delivers real results that are not only visible in the mirror but by performance with the weights you can lift. The major mistake most guys make is when they find a workout that gives results they try to use it for too long. Eventually in as little as 3 to 4 weeks the body completely adapts and the workout will no longer deliver results. This can lead to discouragement and giving up on trying to build new muscle.

To avoid this problem you must have realistic expectations on what is achievable and then set goals in place and follow a plan to reach them. It is possible to gain 5 pounds in 3 weeks naturally but it is impossible to continue that pace indefinitely. A great way to pack on 5 pounds of muscle in burst is by using high frequency training or HFT. High frequency training really goes against the grain of what some of the guru’s preach with their 1 workout a week systems. HFT actually allows you to work each muscle 5 times per week leading to super fast muscle growth. This can only be done for about 3 to 4 weeks though so don’t plan on gaining 5 pounds every three weeks indefinitely.

The 10 10 Transformation by Chad Waterbury uses HFT brilliantly to alternate 3 week muscle building phases of HFT with 3 week fat burning phases with full body workouts. By switching the focus every three weeks you push the body to the max and right to the point where it would start to reach adaptation to the workout. The 10 10 is a 12 week program that is designed for fat loss and muscle building to gain 10 pounds of muscle while losing 10 pounds of fat but I found that the two separate 3 week HFT phases can be done anytime you want when you are looking to pack on 5 pounds of new mass quick.

I’ve found high frequency training the way to go because it is so much more interesting gaining 5 pounds of muscle in 3 short weeks rather than doing a 10 week program that adds a half pound a week. The results come fast and can be seen in the mirror and when your bench press shoots up by 40 pounds in one month training completely naturally it is an amazing feeling and will impress everyone in the gym.

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Top Body Building Exercises – The Squat

In the previous article, we discussed the bench press and the benefits that it can have towards your weight lifting regiment. In this article, we will be talking about how the squat can benefit your body in a much different way than the bench press, yet together provide amazing full body results.

The squat is primarily noted as a leg exercise, but you will quickly learn that it is more of a full body lift than anything. After just one or two heavy sets of squats, it is pretty well known that you will be panting and sweating like a mad man. This is because you put out so much work over the course of the lift, this is in comparison to many other isometric lifts. It is easy to see that you will be putting out more power over the course of a squat than something like a bicep curl.

Some of the benefits of the squat are very well known, such as the unbelievable amount of lean muscle mass that you can add to your legs in a short period of time. I witnessed this first hand, barely able to fit my quadriceps in my “used to be loose” jeans.

Squats, if done in sets of very low repetitions, will drastically increase the size and strength of your legs. You will also start to notice separation between the different muscles in your quadriceps as you progressively train squats more.

Squats are also very well known to help release the hormone, testosterone, after performing the lift. This is because it is such as high volume and intensity lift, your body will generate a lot of testosterone in order to help strengthen and repair the muscles in that area.

Knowing this, we can now assume that it is optimal to have squatting in our program. This increase of testosterone helps rebuild all of the other muscles that you have trained lately and are in the recovery phase. This is why you should be doing some sort of heavy squatting at least two or three times a week.

Lastly, it is very important to have good form when performing the squat. This is because you can easily hurt your back permanently and you will probably be using a very large amount of weight. This is a combination for disaster if you are not sure how to perform the squat.

To perform it correctly, start with the feet shoulder width apart. You should have the bar at the top middle of your back, held in a very wide grip with your hands. You should bend at the knees and waist in order to lower toward the ground. Make sure not to arch the back or to bend it, this is when people are injured. Keep a neutral spine throughout the entire lift.

If performed correctly, the squat will add a very large volume of muscle to your body in a short period of time. If you are having trouble with form, ask a fellow person at the gym for a spot or to watch something specific about your form.

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Tom Hardy Bane Workout

Bane is a bulky villain. He has incredible strength and is known for his ruthless fighting tactics. He is also known as the only villain in Gotham City to have broke Batman’s back. 

Tom Hardy had to put on quite a bit of muscle to look convincing as Bane. So the main goal here is to build muscle mass. The fastest and easiest way to do that is simply by lifting weights. Follow these guidelines to make a solid workout routine that will have you packing on the muscle in no time. 

  • Start with a 3 day full body split routine. I always recommend this to guys who are starting out and want to build muscle quickly. If you want to get bulky muscles like Bane then gaining muscle should be your goal. Fat loss is not that important since it is hard to build muscle while keeping your body fat low. You would really have to watch your diet and limit junk food which you can do afteryou have gained enough muscle.
  • Only perform compound exercises. You get a bigger bang for your buck with exercises like squats. Focus your workouts around the big 3 (bench presses, squats, and deadlifts) since these are known for building muscle quickly. Other great compound movements are rows, pull ups, hang cleans, shoulder presses, and lunges. 
  • Work your lower body as well as your upper body. People who get into fitness usually fall into the trap of only working their “mirror muscles” meaning muscles they only see in the mirror. Rather than just focusing your efforts on chest and arms you should work your lower body so that your body is in proportion. This will actually help your body balance out and make your arms and chest stronger as well. 
  • Don’t forget to have very good form. If you are not going to perform the exercise correctly then there is no point in performing it at all. Start off with a lighter weight than you may think you can handle. This will teach you how to do proper form. Take your time with raising and lowering the weight during the exercise. 
  • Don’t go to failure. The thing about going to failure is that it weakens your muscles. Rather than trying to get that last rep in your should only be progressing by adding a little weight to the barbell every workout or every other workout for fast results. 
  • Add weight every week. As a rule of thumb I would recommend adding 5 pounds to each lift every week. You may even find that to be too easy for you which is fine. You know your fitness and body best so challenge yourself accordingly. 
  • Don’t stick to the same old exercise. There are variations for every one of the exercises I listed above. Don’t just do the same old barbell squats 3 days a week. Do front squats for your second workout and then switch to split squats or lunges the next workout. Rather than bent over rows you can also perform renegade rows. 
  • Limit cardio. You should not be too focused on cardio. Tom Hardy did some training with fighting on top of lifting heavy weights. But he limited his cardio to not interfere with building muscle. You can do just fine with your weight lifting routine. 
  • Eat a LOT of food. You are building muscle mass here to get the Tom Hardy Bane physique. So you need to eat a lot to gain weight and give your muscles plenty of nutrients so they can grow and recover quickly. 
  • Remember, protein is the building blocks for muscle. Get lots of protein from foods like peanut butter, lean meats, and milk. You need to reach the default of 1 gram of protein per pound of body weight.

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