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A Guide To Weight Gain And Muscle Building

Most people nowadays don’t simply settle with slimming down.They also want to build up their muscles.And this really holds true with boys.They feel that girls whould be more impressed if they are muscular.

It doesn’t only improve your looks as it has other positive effects on your body.Toned muscles would indicate good health conditions.They are also stronger and are able to do various daily tasks easily.It does not only affect what’s on the outside but also what’s on the inside.

Generally, weight gain and muscle building are good for your health as long as it doesn’t turn into an obsession.But there those who are too desperate so they just go for any way that can give them the muscles they want.They end up suffering serious consequences.

There are various shortcuts when it comes to weight gain.Some say that even without much exercise they can help you build muscles.But there’s a big question as to its safety.There are those whose side effects are it’s really important to go for the long but secure way of gaining those muscles.Here are some helpful tips:

• Exercise-exercising for building muscles does not simply mean lifting weights.You have to do a complete set of exercises to properly train your body while building muscles.This is the reason why it really helps if you have a good trainer.

• Eat healthy- protein rich foods are muscle builders.But you also need some carbohydrates and sugars to help you have the energy for work-out routines.Skipping meals is a big no no.Neither should you pig out.It’s more advisable to eat right. But there those who are too desperate so they just go for any way that can give them the muscles they want.Thus, they’d have to face the consequences.

• Take supplements-there are a lot of options out in the market nowadays but you have to choose wisely.Try not to go for the fad ones that you don’t even know where they’re from.Be sure it is approved for customer consumption.Its best to choose trusted brands like serious mass.

But more than all these methods for muscle building, you have to note that your priority should always be your health and well-being.Forget all the externals and give primer to its impact on you on the inside.Decide and choose wisely.

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When you exercise and do your workouts, remember it is as equally important to provide you body the proper amount of rest as it is to maximize your training. Resting allows your muscles to heal and repair themselves. This article will look at two general types of resting. The first type is the amount of time that you spend between training repetitions and the second type of rest focuses on sleep.

Resting Between Reps

Take short rest breaks when you use heavy weights with lower repetition so you can keep your muscles from becoming overly fatigued or injured. Some trainers may vary the time somewhat and there is no finite rest time that everyone follows. The National Institute of Health noted in their article “Resting Intervals Between Sets in Strength Training” that three to five minutes of rest was sufficient for heavy lifting in which 50 to 90 percent maximum weight is used. Also, one minute rest intervals can be used for lower weights with more repetitions. “In consequence, 30-60 seconds might be most effective (for lower weights) due to greater acute levels of growth hormone during such workouts.”

The Second Type of Rest is Based on Sleep

Power naps, siestas, and seven to nine hours of continuous sleep are normal rest cycles. They can regenerate the more of the body and also the mind.

Power naps are usually reserved for the people who will not get fired for sleeping-on-the-job; but they can be helpful for quick rejuvenation. The sleep can last for approximately ten to twenty minutes.

A siesta, a cultural norm in Spain and several other countries throughout the world, usually occur after the mid-day meal and can last for a couple of hours. According to Siesta Awareness, the sleep break provides more energy, improved productivity, improved alertness, and a reduction in stress and risk of heart disease.

The normal sleep time that is advocated by doctors and physiologist is seven to eight hours straight. These amounts of times allow the body to go into several stages from light to deep sleep. The total stages include rapid eye movement (REM) sleep and Non-REM sleep. According to Web MD, dreams generally occur in the REM stage of sleep. In stage one of the Non-REM the eyes are closed but you can be awakened easily. You may also experience of falling which may cause sudden muscle contractions.

Stage two is a light sleep and there are periods of spontaneous muscle tone and periods of muscle relaxation. The heart rate and body temperature decreases and this is when the body gets ready to enter the deep sleep stages.

Stages three and four are deep sleep stages are the healing stages and if aroused from sleep during these stages, a person may feel disoriented for a few minutes.

According to Web MD, the body is repaired during the deep stages of Non-REM sleep. The body repairs and regenerates tissues, builds bone and muscle, and appears to strengthen the immune system.

In summary, when you exercise and do your workouts, it is as equally important to get the proper amount of rest so your muscles can heal and repair themselves. This article only scratches the surface on rest and how it helps the body to maintain and repair itself. You can not increase muscles without proper exercise equipment, routines or rest. Are you getting sleepy?

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How Do You Make Your Muscles Bigger?

Hands up if your thoughts have ever been consumed with the question of how do you make your muscles bigger? Yup, I raised my hand as well. Having been a scrawny hardgainer for almost my entire life, I’ve always thought that my body was incapable of putting on some muscles, let alone make them grow bigger.

It took a bit of trial and error as well as a solid muscle building program to finally convince me that attaining a muscular physique is not impossible. So when a friend asked me the very same question some days ago, I happily responded by sharing a few proven tips to help him gain some much needed lean mass. Now I would like to share them with you. I’m sure the following tips may help address what is one of the most common newbie questions – “how do you make your muscles bigger?”

Eat right

Get your diet in place and you’ll have big lean muscles – guaranteed. To me, diet is the second most important component of the whole muscle growing process. Ensure that you supply your body with enough muscle building-nutrients – the only way to accomplish this is by eating 5 to 6 high-protein meals a day every 3 to 4 hours. Choose quality sources of protein and carbohydrates such as chicken breast, tuna, eggs, oats, wheat pasta, yams and brown rice. Don’t forget to add healthy fats like olive and flaxseed oil to your diet.

Train heavy

As far as training is concerned, heavy working sets with low reps is the best way to make your muscles grow bigger. Make sure that each workout session do not last longer than 1 hour – your training period must be short but super intense. Proper exercise form is also important. Piling the weights without adhering to proper form is a sure-fire way to injury. Simply put, sloppy form equals mediocre muscle-building results, therefore train heavy and train with proper form.

Sufficient rest and recovery

You must be thinking, huh? How do you make your muscles bigger while resting? Truly it pays to allow your body to recover sufficiently between workout sessions because muscle growth occurs when you’re resting not when you’re hammering iron in the gym. Blast your muscles on alternate days and train each body part ONCE per week. When it comes to weight training, subscribing to the idea of frequent training equals bigger muscles would be counterproductive. Take it easy, rest, drink lots of water, and get your daily 8-hour snooze – pretty soon you’ll have some really good gains to show for.

Consider investing in a good muscle-building program

Instead of wasting money on a bunch of meaningless bodybuilding supplements or wasting time jumping from site to site gathering conflicting opinions on matters pertaining to muscle growth, consider investing on a quality muscle-building program. A well conceived program contains the experience of an expert presented in a structured manner so you may focus on achieving your goals without being distracted by all the conflicting information lying around the internet.


In my opinion, consistency is the most vital aspect of the entire muscle-building process. No amount of high-protein meals, heavy mass building exercises or muscle programs can help you develop a muscular physique if you’re unable to maintain consistency. Skipping meals or workout should be a rare occurrence otherwise you need not bother coming up to muscleheads in the gym and asking them “how do you make your muscles bigger?” The truth of the matter is those muscleheads got to where they are largely because they remain consistent –be it in diet or workouts.

To YOUR Muscle Building Success

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