Today I want to talk about the most powerful tool to building muscle fast. See, most people out there tend to concern themselves with only the specific aspects of their training; these include: How many days per week should I train? How many sets should I perform? Which exercises do I need? How many reps per set? Yes, these are important issues and should be taken into consideration when structuring your workout plan; but all of those principles are totally useless if you’re not going to be making use of the basic training tool I’m going to talk about today. So what is the most powerful tool to building muscle fast?

It’s a workout log book and a pen. Now I know this isn’t the most exciting thing in the world but the truth of the matter is that a workout log book and a pen is the basic foundation in which your entire training program should be based around.

The reason for this is simple. That is, the ultimate foundation for building muscle size and strength is progression. In other words, if you want to consistently add muscle and strength to greater and greater levels, then every time you enter the gym you need to present your muscles with a new growth stimulus, that they haven’t experienced before.

Every time you enter the gym you’re breaking down your muscle tissue and then forcing the body to adapt to that specific level of stress that you presented it with. But there is a catch. Once the muscles have adapted to that specific level of stress, they’re not going to grow any bigger or any stronger until you increase the workload, increase the stress and force them to adapt even further.

For example, if you bench pressed 180 pounds for 6 reps in today’s workout, your chest is going to adapt to that specific level of stress. So, the next week when you train your chest again, you have to push the envelope a bit further. If you’re bench pressing 180 pounds today and you’re still bench pressing the same weight 6 months from now, you’re simply not going to see any measurable progress.

It’s those small increases in weight and reps that you make that are going to ultimately add up to big muscle strength and size over time. And that’s what makes the workout log book and pen so critically important to your program. Every time you enter the gym, you should be writing down exactly what you did. This includes: what exercises you performed, the weight you used and how many reps you performed each set for. This way, the next week when you come back to the gym you will have a concrete visual and you will know exactly what you did last time, so you know exactly what you need to do this time in order to stimulate new muscle growth.

If you haven’t been keeping a workout log until now it’s basically like shooting darts with a blindfold, since you’re completely lost and have no way of knowing what you need to do in order to improve your results. You can obsess about all the specific aspects of your training program all you want, but until you focus 100% of your effort on getting stronger workout after workout, you’re really missing the big picture.

Don’t just try to remember the information in your head, write it down so you have a concrete, objective record of your workout; so that you can examine it over time.

A workout log book and pen – Start using is religiously and I guarantee you will notice a huge increase in your muscle size and strength.

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