If you did a Google search for ‘Building Muscle’ you would get nearly a million results, many of them offering conflicting advice. Reading much of this information may confuse you and lead you to give up as you do not know which information is correct. The purpose of this article is to give you some information you need to know about muscle building.

You need to remember:

1. A low calorie diet will not help you build muscles- Starving yourself will not help you build muscle. If you are lifting weights to build muscle, they will need fuel from the food you eat to grow effectively. Starving yourself with a low calorie diet means that your muscles will not get the energy they need.

2. Effective Muscle Building combines nutrition and exercise- If you want to build muscle effectively, you cannot rely purely on diet or exercise. You need to combine a healthy diet with the right exercises for you to ensure you can effectively build muscle.

3. Effective Muscle Building is a long term endeavour- When it comes to muscle building, there is no such thing as the quick fix. Muscle Building is like a series of foundations, with each foundation being built on top of the one below it. If you try and build muscle too quickly, you will most probably end up injuring yourself or over-training.

4. Effective Muscle Building is a simple, but not easy, process. If you follow a good program consitently, you will build muscle. This doesn’t mean that muscle building is easy. Following the process requires dedication and hard work.

There you have it. No jargon and no scientific words.