For many years it was debated whether or not it was advisable for those aged 50 and older to engage in weight lifting. Some physiologists reasoned that weight lifting could place an undo strain on the bones and joints of older people. Research conducted over the past twenty years has shown that weight lifting by those aged fifty and over not only promotes good health but can also slow down the visible and internal effects of aging. Weight lifting has even been shown to lessen the effects of depression and anxiety.

Aging takes a terrible and unfortunate toll on the body including organ deterioration, bone deterioration, loss of muscle tone, and a slowing of the body’s metabolism. Twenty five years ago it was reported by the New England journal of medicine that weight lifting could actually reduce the likelihood of certain diseases and slow down the overall effects of aging on the body. The journal reported that one of the underlying causes behind bone and muscle deterioration was excessive resting due to the onset of fatigue. Excessive resting of the body leads to a downward spiral of deterioration.

For years, those close to professional athletes have noticed that their bodies have a tendency to age much more slowly than normal. A sports illustrated journalist once remarked that many athletes he had seen over the age of forty still had bodies that resembled those of men half their age. The reason behind the slowed aging process was believed to be because of many of the former athletes continued lifting weights on a regular basis despite the fact that they no longer played a sport. Recently, Sylvester Stallone gave an interview to promote his new film and the audience was shocked to learn that the 61 year old actor was in amazing physical condition. The reason, he explained, was that he was still working out and had been for more than forty straight years.

The center for disease control recently reported as fact what many in the fitness world have known for years. The center concluded that weight lifting is a very powerful means of reducing the symptoms associated with chronic conditions like diabetes, arthritis, depression, and obesity. Weight lifting was also found to help keep the skin remain firm and elastic during the aging process. One study even found that weightlifting just two days a week amongst those age eighty and over actually reduced falls by as much forty percent.

There are actually very few negatives associated with weight lifting over the long term. On the contrary, there are many benefits to weight lifting especially amongst older people. Those interested in developing a healthy workout regimen should consult with a fitness expert before attempting regular weight lifting. While weight lifting may be very beneficial, it can be potentially harmful if done incorrectly.

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