Losing 30 pounds fast is not impossible, but you need some perspective. For instance, Michael Jackson lost 5 pounds every time he performed a full set. Bodybuilders routinely lose 10 pounds between the beginning of a competition and its end. What is the commonality? Exercise and muscle composition of the body. To lose 30 pounds fast, you must gain muscle and exercise with fervor. Here’s how to lose 30 pounds fast.

The first step to lose 30 pounds fast is absolutely the commitment to do so. If you’ve never taken on a goal like this before, it doesn’t hurt to get some help. A personal trainer is well worth the money; you’ll be paid back in self-confidence and self-respect once you achieve your goals. Or simply getting into a gym can give you this commitment. Being around other people inspires you; it’s scientifically proven.

After you call friends and get encouragement, the second step to lose 30 pounds fast is to reduce your calorie intake, simple as that. You have to mark your intake for your lifestyle. If your lifestyle is sedentary, then you do not need all those calories you are consuming. You must change your eating from dog eating to cat eating. If you fill a dog bowl, the legend goes, the dog will keep eating until it dies from overeating. Cats, however, will not do this. To lose 30 pounds fast, it requires a complete change in your eating lifestyle. If you love foods, substitute natural sweet things for manufactured ones. Beets, oranges, apples, tea with honey, and even coffee make great snacks and have positive effects. Absolutely no trans fats.

After you commit to a diet, the third step to lose 30 pounds fast is to commit to an exercise routine. My entire family is skinny, by work, not by genetics, and they all use different methods. My uncle bike rides because he loves it. My aunts go to a gym. They are single, so there are men there as well. My cousin plays pickup basketball and football. The commonality is that they love the exercise because it coincides with their life. You can begin making exercise a part of your life by simply taking the stairs instead of the elevator or escalator, opening the door instead of using the automatic, and standing when you are doing things like typing or paying bills. You wouldn’t believe the amount of calories you’ll burn.

The last step to lose 30 pounds fast is to get into a real routine. Exercise should become a part of your life at least an hour a day, besides all the things you do in step 3. That’s not dedicated exercise; that’s just there to help you continue to burn calories throughout the day and speed up your metabolism. Keep it up, and you should see results in 30-60 days, depending on your dedication. Good luck!

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