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Use Power Hooks to hang your dumbbells onto to any overhead barbell before you lift. This eliminates the need to first lift your dumbbells from the floor or rack before lifting them into proper pressing position.
Because Power Hooks stay with your dumbbells during your lift, this also eliminates the need to drop them back onto the floor after the exercise. Simply hang them back on the overhead bar.
So gone are the days when you had to pick up the dumbbells for your next set before waddling over to the bench. And then trying to clear or kick the dumbbells into overhead position without killing yourself!
Power Hooks can be used without a spotter (although a spotter is always recommended). If the weight is too heavy, use the long hooks to hang them back up.
MANY POWER HOOK USERS INCREASE 20 TO 30 LBS. ON THEIR DUMBBELL WEIGHT after only a few months. How? It's achieved through pre-loading. Notice that clearing/kicking dumbbells into position can actually be harder than actually pressing the same weight? You have to get a strong gym partner to hand you the weights. Well, Power Hooks eliminates this by letting you pre-load the weights by being able to take the dumbbells off the overhead bar instead of the floor.
The Velcro straps on the Gym Approved Power Hooks secure your dumbbell handle and will not come loose during your lift. Gym Approved Power Hooks fit on any dumbbell handles and have been successfully tested on dumbbells weighting over 1000 lbs.

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Customer Reviews

Helps with my Shoulder Injury

 on March 2, 2017
By D.G.
This is such a simple idea, I wonder why I didn’t think of it. I use them from 25 to 45 pound flies. At 30 and above, I was having a bear of a problem lifting the barbells up to press height due to a collar bone injury from years ago. It was very painful to “fling” the left weight up so I started looking for a way to help me and found these on Amazon.

Makes a home gym better

 on July 11, 2016
By GospelLifter
These hooks allow lifters to start from the the top of the lift of a dumbbell bench or fly. This make lifting so much easier. For myself the second rep of a dumbbell bench always feels the best. They give the lifter a chance to position themselves like a traditional barbell bench press before unracking the Dumbbells.

A terrific product I’ve used for over 10 years. I wont workout without them.

 on April 20, 2015
By Jason
I’ve been using power hooks for about 10 years now and I wont workout without them. The hardest part of doing seated overhead dumbbell presses is getting them up into the start position. This motion puts incredible strain on your shoulders. With the power hooks, you can have the dumbbells in the start position by using a bar in a squat cage so you can concentrate your energy on the actual workout, not an awkward motion of moving your weights to the start position. I also use them on heavy butterflies and dumbbell presses as well.

I hated the changing of my weights on the dumbbells then …

 on May 7, 2015
By Grace
The most ideal for this is a half rack with the cantilevered arms that protrude about 18 inches. This would allow you to set the barbell at any height with no obstructions from the vertical uprights. I also use the hooks to rest my ez curl bar after a set. There is a learning curve, just a matter of getting use-to-it. I hated the changing of my weights on the dumbbells then picking them up then lying down on the bench then back up again. The hooks allow me to use the dumbbells as if they were a barbell. The best part is I can stand upright when adding or removing weights. I personally use these hooks on the dumbbells that are for 55 pounds or higher since I have the selectorized dumbbells that go up to 50 pounds.

Great tool!

 on April 27, 2016
By Sarge
These are great! When bench pressing heavy dumbbells, I use these hooks to hang them from a smith machine bar. Move a bench underneath and I can safely be in position to begin and end my sets. No more dangerous and tiring struggle to get into a starting position with heavy weights!

My elbows love these hooks!

 on March 13, 2016
By Anthony Antonelli
I use these with Ironmaster dumbbells, they work great and save a lot of wear on my elbows trying to get heavy dumbbells into position They are much more solid than I expected, I’ve had over 100lbs on them and it doesn’t phase them in the least. It takes a little getting used to not hitting the barbell bar, but you’ll adapt quickly. The strap also adds to the diameter of the dumbbell grip, but again, hardly even notice the difference anymore. Seems I also get an extra rep or 2, since I don’t use so much energy getting into position. These hooks are a great idea, whoever came up with them!

Lifting made easier

 on May 16, 2013
Although I don’t use a lot of weight for my workouts, it was difficult / cumbersome to hold the dumbbells and get myself placed on the bench. These hooks make it simple, easy, and safe to accomplish using the dumbbells. I also purchased another set of dumbbells since the hooks are “permanent” fixtures on the first set. They will come off, of course, but having the convenience of leaving them on outweighs getting a second set.


 on March 15, 2013
By OhI'msorrydoinknoI'mnot
This is the most useful and most awesome gym product in the history of awesome. All of the crap that I have bought up until I got these things was worth finally arriving at the day where I found these babies. They are overpriced for a couple pieces of rolled steel. I reckon manlier men could make their own. However, not having to worry about set-up for heavy dumbbell work is total worth it. Buy ’em if you don’t like doing reverse crunches with your bodyweight to set up for a few reps of presses.

Had seen these but never had the courage to buy thinking they wouldn’t "work" These are awesome for people that train heavy and

 on September 15, 2015
By Amazon Customer
Impressed! Had seen these but never had the courage to buy thinking they wouldn’t “work”
I had high expectations for these power hooks to use for heavy dumbbell pressing. They aren’t bad, but once the weight starts getting heavy they are a bit harder to balance in your hand. The dumbbells have a tendency to want to roll forward in your wrist even if you strap the velcro in tightly. The concept is great, but it would work better if the hooks would simply stay on the bar and you picked up the dumbbell out of the hooks. My power hooks are rarely used now.