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Strengthens and tightens lower back to perfection. Helps develop back, isolate glutens and hamstring muscles for superb definition. Quick adjustments accommodates all users and the traction enhanced Foot Plate allows for secure positioning during use. Washboard Abs are easy on our Hyper Extension Machine.

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OK, but two issues.

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 on January 23, 2011
By M. Berry
I understand that this bench is technically a Hyper-Extension bench (though it is tagged with Glute Hame raises as well), and not specifically a Glute-Ham Raise bench. Never the less, I bought it for GHR’s.

A neat trick for GHR’s…

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 on February 3, 2014
By Jerome R. Sharpe
As others have said, you can’t beat the price for a GHR station, though it’s really designed for back extensions. And the pad has been updated with a groove for men, so that’s no longer an issue. The only real problem is the pad is not designed for GHR’s, so you kind of slide off and wind up with the edge of the pad on the front of your quads…but I had an idea that made it much more comfortable for GHR’s, which is the only reason I bought it (who needs back extensions when you do deadlifts and kettle bell swings?). I took the pad assembly off and put it on backwards so the handles, (which are pretty useless anyway and get in the way if you have any upper body size), are facing back instead of forward. Then I put a padded board across them. Now when I do GHR’s, my knees are supported at the top of the motion and I don’t slide off the pad. This piece of equipment is now as good as any other high dollar GHR station. That is with one exception, that others have mentioned–they skimped on the toe plates, which should be several inches longer. Toe Drive is not happening with this piece of equipment unless you get a buddy with a welder to extend the plates.

Better than expected

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 on March 12, 2013
By phi
The item arrived in one solid box. Assembly took about 30 minutes, after reading the other reviews I made sure to really torque down the nuts and bolts to prevent wobbling. The unit is absolutely rock solid I am a 240+ lb adult male and this thing doesn’t rock or shake it is steady as the more expensive versions of this equipment. The pad I recieved with mine may be more updated as it has a slight intentional groove in the middle of the pad (for male comfort). I use the machine mostly as a Glute ham raise and for back extensions and have had no issues with it even the couple of times I used it for crunches. I may weld some larger foot plates onto it for more toe drive but it wasn’t enough of an issue to drop it down to 4 stars. I highly recommend this machine the price is great and its a solid piece of workout equipment.

Exactly what it says it is.

 on June 2, 2014
By Randy
Inexpensive. Stable. Does exactly what it’s supposed to do. If you’re looking for something super high quality and something to show off in your gym, go spend a thousand dollars. If you want a GHD to make your abs feel like they are on fire and get those hamstrings working, this is a great product at a reasonable price.


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 on November 1, 2012
By Amazon Customer
Very easy to put together, took maybe an hour. Very stable for doing ghd sit ups and back extensions. Also works good for crossfit wods.

Great for the price. Better for women than men…

 on February 26, 2015
By Kyle
It’s not the best GHD out there; however, it’s also half the price of all the other GHD’s out there! For the price it’s totally worth getting. It gets the job done. You’re able to do GHD situps and back extensions just as you should. I wouldn’t recommend putting a 300lb dude on this thing but for the most part it’s pretty stable. The piece that hold the feet can get a little wobbly and the adjustment comes lose after doing a few sets but it’s never bad enough to where it’s unsafe (the pin always stays locked). The only big problem with this specific machine is for the men… the middle part of the pad is not very deep. So, if you want to have your hips on the pad while doing an exercise you will definitely have an unpleasant, squishy issue with the pad smashing up into… your marbles Enough said. If you know how to take something apart and sew it back together it’s an easy fix by removing some of the center padding; if not, well, I hope you’re not very well endowed.

love it!!!

 on February 10, 2013
By Amazon Customer
This is a very sturdy product. It was quick and easy to assemble. It comes exactly as pictured. Very good purchase.
This bench is functional and can serve its purpose but unlike the benches in most gyms, it does not provide an indention in the middle of the main pad that would make some room for the man’s groin area. When using it you tend to concentrate more on not crushing your balls, than on your form. It is built sturdy and has varying adjustments that technically make it a good design. Now if the pad were better made and allowances designed into it, it would be one of the best out there. The comfortability is MAJOR FLAW in it. The price was competitive, as seen through long researched internet price comparisons.