The answer is not the same for losing weight and building muscle. When you want to lose weight you will try to consume more calories than you take in. You’ll utilize in the beginning a cardio intensive routine to burn those calories. Some people will also try to reduce the intake of calories.

Utilizing diet pills or an assortment of other diet products to suppress appetite and thus lower your calorie intake.

I agree with this to a point. If you are extremely overweight than you need to lose some weight before you try to begin to build muscle. If you try to build muscle while you are still fat you’ll put muscle under the fat and actually look worse.

Now that’s not your goal and you don’t want to do that.

When you’re trying to build muscle however you will find that you will need to increase your calorie intake to allow for muscle muscles to grow. But you’ll already have made the reduction of fat on your body. That’s when you can add in a strength or resistance training program to build muscle. The key here is not to become a bodybuilder but a muscle builder.

To do that you need to lift weights. Not necessarily heavy weights but you do need to do a 8 to 12 different weight lifting exercises with as little as 5 pound dumbbells or a barbell with a total of 20 pounds to start.

The specific exercises are fairly easy to do and you will start out at 10 reps of each movement doing 1 to 2 reps of each one. Allow a minute between each set of reps and each exercise movement. You should make a list of what you are going to do in advance so you can just do it. Never proceed without a plan. The next key is to never lift weights two days in a row or work the same group of muscles two days in a row.

The key to building muscle is the day of rest. Muscle will grow when you rest after a workout.

The best way to accomplish your goal of losing weight and building muscle is to have a workout plan. A five Day workout plan could be something like this:

Day One – Cardio – Walking – Jogging – Bike riding – Treadmill or other device

Day Two – Lift Weights Upper Body – Follow a plan

Day Three – Cardio – Break it up do something different than on day one

Day Four – Lift Weights Lower Body – Follow a plan

Day Five – Cardio – Break it up do something different than on day two

Day Six and Seven – Rest

This is just one example of a workout plan that I show you on my website. If you are more physically fit you may want to try a high intensity training workout plan or (HIT). This program provides for brief maximum intensity workouts for 30 seconds and then a 15 second rest interval.

It usually works a different body group each day and lasts for about 20 to 25 minutes which is very doable. Many of the exercises contain elements of both cardio and weight training.

Again working out 5 days a week with 2 rest days to heal and grow your muscles is recommended.

I have created a 7 part eCourse that will give you all the detailed information you need to create a “workout program” to lose weight and build muscle.

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