Currently in the US, 66.3% of the adult population over the age of 20 is overweight. It’s somewhat ironic that the more athletic members of the population require weight gain as a means of developing muscle. But many weight lifters find it difficult to gain weight, unlike the two-thirds of the population who apparently find the process very easy. Gaining weight for the purpose of building muscle can actually be just as much work for most athletes as building muscle. But with dedication and effort it is possible to gain the weight necessary for substantial muscular development.

There is a lot of disinformation out there about how athletes should eat in order to gain weight. Just about every fitness enthusiast on the internet thinks they are some kind of nutrition expert and they have a tendency to tell others what they should be eating. If you are an athlete who is strength training your ideal diet should be high in calories and high in protein. Your exercise regimen should also help speed up the weight gain process in order to help you retain your weight gains. A few sessions spent with a personal trainer at your health club can help you develop the right diet and exercise combination to meet your needs.

Many weightlifters, such as myself, have found that weight gaining supplements are a relatively easy way to incorporate more calories and protein into their regular diets. But not all weight gainer supplements are created equal and they can vary widely based on price, protein quality, and nutritional content. Weight gainers also have a tendency to not taste very good and some can be downright awful. It’s a good idea to try a few different weight gainers before deciding on a specific one. Because weigh gainers typically come in oversized containers some vitamin stores allow you to purchase smaller trial sizes. This is highly recommended and can prevent you from spending your hard earned money on something you can’t drink.

Sleeping a minimum of 8 hours each night is something that many weightlifters don’t do and yet proper sleep is one of the easiest means of gaining and retaining weight necessary for muscular development. Of course for sleep to be of any benefit your diet needs to be rich in the proper nutrients. You should try to avoid fatty foods like the plague including candies, sweets, and most fast food items. Eating foods high in fat will certainly allow you to gain weight but not the kind of weight that will enable you to build lean muscle.

No matter what supplements you take or what kind of workout you engage in you must increase your food consumption during the day in order gain more weight. You can also maximize your weight gains by eating a large meal one hour before bedtime.

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