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Weight Loss Exercises That Deliver Results

Weight Machines: Variable Resistance

Exercise machines are usually high end devices which are found at the gym. Examples are rowing equipment and pulley weight systems. The resistance level changes continually during the exercise motion, building muscle as the rep intensifies. This type of training specifically targets muscle growth, and would be less appropriate for those looking to lose weight.

Melt Fat with Cardio Training

Cardio training is any type of exercise that raises the heart rate over an extended period of time. Cardio benefits include reduced risk of heart attack, stroke and metabolic syndrome which leads to diabetes. While still an important part of any fitness program, studies show that optimal health and weight loss benefits are not realized until you have trained for at least 30 minutes a day, but this can be spread over multiple sessions. The key is to increase exercise intensity until you break a sweat, but can still carry on a normal conversation.

Walking, Jogging and Running

Walking and jogging is by far the most common form of cardio exercise. For the average person, walking burns about 100 calories per mile, so it must be done consistently and at a brisk pace to fuel weight loss. Most people should avoid jogging and running due to the risk of knee injury and the potential for overexertion.


Step aerobics has become the most popular type of aerobic activity, as it requires minimal investment and can burn up to 800 calories per hour. Find a structured fitness class which provides motivation, high powered dance music and new friends.


Cycling is another fun exercise which can burn 500 to 1000 calories per hour. Take to the streets on a bicycle, or use a stationary cycle.

The weight loss benefits of a solid exercise program are indisputable. Once you’ve mastered your new dietary lifestyle, begin a fitness routine and choose a variety of different exercises from the resistance training and cardio offerings. Alternate different exercises on different days to keep it fun and be sure to condition all the major muscle groups. While neither diet or exercise alone will lead to permanent, healthy weight loss, combining both is a recipe for your weight loss success.


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Weight Training for Weightloss

Weight training combines building muscle tone and working the cardiovascular system. Weight training tones your muscles and raises your metabolism, which helps your body burn more calories not only when exercising, but also while you sleep.

Weight training reverses the natural decline in your metabolism, which begins around age 30 therefore this is something to think about for all those who have reached that age.

Working with weights can produce a great deal of energy, and a full workout works almost all of the 650 muscles in your body. Looking toward long-term benefits, weight training strengthens bones, which can reduce your risk of developing osteoporosis. This of course is of very big concern amongst women, since osteoporosis afflicts women much more than men.

Many women worry that weight training will make them muscular and bulky like a man but you must keep in mind that men and women have different muscular structures, therefore weight training will not develop big muscles on women, just toned muscles.

Not only is weight training a routine that makes you strong, it is a routine that trains the body to build muscle instead of fat, takes stress off key areas of the body such as the lower back, making you less prone to injury in that area.

Since high blood pressure or hypertension is a big concern with those who are obese, it is welcome news that weight training decreases your resting blood pressure.Weight training has also been proven to increase your blood level of HDL cholesterol, which is commonly referred to as “good cholesterol.Overall health is definitely improved through weight training.

It is best to start with a plan, which may be joining a gym where you can regularly go to get a full workout, or purchasing a home workout system that uses resistance instead of weights but produces similar results. You must assess what type of person you are, and make the appropriate decision from there.

If you like the idea of going out somewhere daily for your workout, welcoming the change of scenery and benefiting from the comradery of others who are also training, then you may want to opt for a gym membership. However, if you know you are the type that enjoys working alone and will not work out unless its in the convenience of your home where you do not have to get dressed and go out, then the home gym system option is for you. Only you can make this assessment of yourself.

Some popular home gym systems include CrossBarTM and BowFlexTM. Many quality home workout systems exist, but of course none work when not used, so be sure that you remain focused and dedicated to your plan.

Whatever you do, make your exercise experience one you look forward to each day.

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